Friday, April 29, 2011

Day Two of THE DIET and Things I Want, Love and Random Things I Want To Do With My Life.

Day two went.....well...kinda ok.  I was under my calorie goal, and as you will remember from yesterday's post, I worked out with Jillian in the morning.

I saved up all my calories during the day for a lil' shindig we had at school {Where there would be pizza}.  I had two pieces, resulting in about 500 calories.  OUCH.

But, it didn't sustain me.  {Go figure}

So, at 11 pm as I was making sugar cookies, I got hungry.

I went to my calorie calculator to see how many I had left........Not enough for a couple chicken nuggets, Or Ramen {not even CLOSE!}, or a, since it was late, and we have not a lot in the house, I settled for tuna...and a pickle. Sigh.  I couldn't even have a cookie! --You need to be proud that I exercised some self control!

After only two days, I am angry with the world.

I want to eat.  It's making me grumpy.  And I am SO HUNGRY!!!!!

I WANT TO QUIT!  Who needs dieting anyway?

BUT!  I have promised myself I would do this.  And a promise is a promise, so, 

I will keep this up for 30 days, oh yes I will.

And I'll still need to maintain that weight, but I figure I'll supplement a few extra calories with more cardio.

But seriously, Life is too short to not enjoy food!

Don't get me wrong, I love healthy food.  I love veggies and fruit and fish and whole grains.

But there are some days when it should be ok to eat and ENTIRE Cafe Rio Burrito- and not feel guilty.

Or spaghetti, or Pot Pie, or Enchiladas, Or even the dreaded mac and cheese. 

or all of them.

And now I'm getting hungry again.

If you have some recommendations for food that is ridiculously low in calories, tasty and cheap, let me know.

Grumble Grumble Grumble.

And now I need something Happy.

Let's start off with things I like/need  {Because if I want it, I need it}

Old School Straw Dispensers

They're just cute.

A Toaster Oven

Yes, a red one.
There just Happens to be one on our registry.
Hint Hint.  ;)

A cute Galvanized bucket so I can grow more herbs.

Seven For All Mankind Jeans

I bet in a month, my cute new tushy would look good in them.
Too bad they're $200

Aprons- Cute ones

So cute. So feminine. So Stepford.
I have 3 already.  Do I wear them?  Not really.  
But I sure like to look at them!

Built in Bookshelves


And Random Things I'd Like to Accomplish

Be a yoga instructor

I guess I better start doing yoga!

Read All the Classics

Own My Own Business

Probably Photography and Design

Be Important Enough to go to a Gala

And I'm sure there's more!

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