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Do you know what time it is?

Rather, do you know what DAY it is?

Our wedding is ONE WEEK from tomorrow! WOW how time flies!!!!

For it seems like the last FOREVER, I haven't posted anything because I've been way too extremely busy doing wedding stuff. Making invitations, Calling People, having showers, and sometimes, real life interrupted.  How Rude.

But, since its so close, and we're pretty much finished with everything, I thought I'd take a moment to gloat brag entertain you all with the details of this fine occasion- since we've spent the last 6 months planning it all.

Now, all girls dream about what their wedding will be like.  Most of them know the colors, the dress, the flowers and the cake that they want - and they've known it forever. I however, did not.  It was kind of liberating actually.  I got to start fresh, and do what felt right NOW- not what I thought would be cool 10 years ago.   

Some things, we've gone uber simple on, others, not so much.  For instance, I told both the photographer and the florist that they needed to tell me what I wanted, because, not only was I overwhelmed, but I like SO MANY things, that I had a hard time knowing where to start.

We started with the venue.

We needed a place that did ceremonies too.

We looked at three places.

And decided on the first one.

We are getting married at Chantilly Mansion, in Layton.  We love the gardens, and the whole atmosphere of the place.  Vintage, Classy, Happy.

Pretty, huh?

We'll have our ceremony at the bottom of the stairs, surrounded by windows, like this lovely couple

Our wedding party is small, with a maid of honor and a best man.  

As for the colors, I decided that I wanted most things to be overwhelmingly Ivory and Black- but I did want color in the flowers, so I chose Yellow.

in my bouquet, there will be:

White star lilies

Yellow Calla Lilies

Yellow Tulips (yes! even in August!) I <3 my florist!

Freesia in both white and yellow

And probably some fillers.  I can kind of a little bit maybe assume that the final product will look a little bit maybe similar to this:


The boutineers for the wedding party (Oliver {BM} and our dads) will look similar to this: 

with Nick's being a bit more elaborate,

And then, to tie all of Nick's brothers together, they will all have a boutineer made of freesia like this

classy, huh?

The mama's will have corsages, and my maid of honor will have a bouquet, similar to mine but we are substituting the lilies for white and yellow roses

There will also be flowers on the cake.

Our cake is also very simple.  Three layers, square. the top and the bottom layers will be plain fondant with a ribbon and the center layer will be covered in shredded coconut.  I took my inspiration from these:

The flavors {from top to bottom} Red Velvet, Chocolate, Coconut.

The dress will be kept a secret (unless you've checked Facebook), but I have, as of yesterday, FINALLY decided how to do my hair.  The trial run is tomorrow, and hopefully it looks good on me- if not, we'll revert back to the hairstyle from the bridals.

I have that hair clip too  :)

And my shoes, which I'm extremely excited about

The Tuxedos for all the guys are Calvin Klein.  Nicks will have an ivory shirt, tie and vest- like their ad for the tux

 (but Nick looks way better in it than this guy}

And then we'll do a toast

cut the cake

and Dance,  We've hired a 5 piece Jazz band- which I am thrilled over!
{and i'm making my dad dance too- it should be interesting.)

We'll also have a slide show for the viewing pleasure of the guests.
I didn't want to do one with cheesy Celine Dion love song crap running through it, so we decided on instrumental music.

Until I got a better idea

It's a good one, too.

Nick's favorite band is Metallica, 


I got a bunch of their songs as piano solos,  Its totally epic.

Here is a sneak peak into the slide show

lil me

isn't Nick just so cute?

Our book is super special.  A large leather book with line-less handmade paper.
I wanted people to write us messages, not just sign their names.  Who wants a book of signatures they can't read?

And finally, we will leave.

NO ONE will touch our car
so, we'll be picked up in this:

which is ridiculously cool.  :)

then, we leave monday for our honeymoon!

aaahhhh! so excited!

I'll post photos of what the flowers, dress and everything REALLY looks like when i get the wedding photos back.

We are seriously so fortunate that we have wonderful parents who have gone above and beyond to give us a beautiful wedding.

What would I do without my mother?


That woman better live forever.  :)

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