Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday and Friday Swap

I did a silly thing, and left my photos at home today.  So, Tomorrow will be Photo Adventure Friday, instead.

Today will be How To Live.

I think I'm out of my mind. Speaking of which, I need some help with Time Management.

There are just not enough hours in the day.  That's all.

I must work and go to school, 

do Homework

Cook Dinner

Go Grocery Shopping

Clean the House

Take a shower

Do Laundry

Spend Time With Nick


Make stuff so I don't go crazy

Take Photos, Edit photos,

Figure out what to do with my life

and the list goes on!

I definitely don't have time for all of this!  I have a planner, and I try to use it as well as I can, but it just seems that everything always takes longer than you'd expect, or you get distracted.

I'm postitive that I'm not the only one who feels this way.

I can't even imagine how all you with kids feel.

Obviously, it's got to be all about priorities.  There are days where the laundry or the editing, or the dishes or the making stuff can be put on hold, but even then, it seems like I am so behind on everything! 

How do you feel about this?  What do you do to cope with not having enough time?
There are so many things I want to do and see and make and be, 
and I just can't seem to fit it in.

Obviously, we can't do it all, all the time, 

But do you have a system that works?

Please share!  

And along those lines....

I feel like I would get more done if I had more energy!

I have been focusing this week on eating breakfast, 

Haha, not THIS breakfast, exactly, more like Hardboiled eggs and a bowl of cereal.

A good friend told me that you need a carb and a protein in the morning.  Something that will sustain you.  Eggs definitely do this for me.

And I am trying SO hard to eat a ridiculously healthy lunch.
Like wheat noodles with tuna and celery with olive oil {2 tbsp}
Which, surprisingly is not bad.

And then, I MUST eat a normal dinner.
Not only have I had fairly few calories, 
but, as I've said before, 

and if I don't get what I want during the day, 
if I don't get it for dinner.


Anyway, back to energy.  I eat lean protein, I know about vitamin B,

Are there any other miracles for energy boosts?

Caffeiene.......that is good too.
but it's fake energy.

I feel like I am sleepy at night, 
go to sleep quickly, 
and no matter how many hours I get, Even if it's 8,
I just can't wake up in the morning.

It is such a struggle for me.

I'm one of those people that pushes snooze a million times

and really, I hate that

its pretty pointless, afterall, because you don't get any kind of good or normal sleep in the few minutes between the snooze alarms.

I just have a really hard time with it, unless I'm very excited or scared about what's coming the next morning.

Any tips?

Maybe you should tell me to stop being a baby.

But really, I love getting up early- I get SO much done!
See? I answered my own question- How about you stop sleeping so much and then you'll have more time in the day, Dani.



  1. Stop being such a baby....

    Just kidding. I know your frustration. Here are my solutions:

    A. Have a different approach, these aren't the things you HAVE to do, but the things you GET to do. I really hope you don't feel like you HAVE to hang out with Nick.

    B. Exercise when and they way you feel like exercising. If you force yourself it will be like a chore. I exercise a lot, but I only run when I feel like running and same goes for pushups. It makes it a lot easier because you start craving certain exercises (yes, sometimes I crave pushups!) Also, drink healthy caffeine drinks, like green tea or iced tea. It has antioxidants and its delicious, especially with some honey and without the dairy.

    Re: Getting up. I too hit the snooze but I set my alarm in 15 min increments times 3. If I have to get up at 7am then I set my first alarm at 6:30, that pulls me out of the deep stages of sleep, then a second at 6:45 so I know I still have 15 minutes, the another at 7 and I can usually get up.

    Hope this helps.

    And honestly nobody's advice but my own ever helps me. Some people say to run in the mornings to get the blood flowing, but if I run the AM I am tired the rest of the day. Same for breakfast, if I eat a bowl of cereal I can last till lunch, but if I eat a big breakfast chock full of protein I am hungry in 2 hours.

    Just have to figure out what works for you and do it.

  2. Thanks! And no, i don't feel i HAVE to hang out with nick! Definitely lately it's been a "get to" thing since he's on graves. I think i really need to stop telling myself that i have to do stuff like exercise. I do have to do it, but like you said, maybe i should take a different apporach so i dont dread it!