Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This Time It's On. F'Real.

As we all know, I'm not the best exerciser.  I complain a lot.... I whine a lot...... and then I am too lazy to exercise.  I have, however, been eating better for the past week- a super healthy breakfast and lunch, and a normal dinner.  I'm actually feeling pretty good.  Then, I've been stretching my back, which is helping too.  But still, I'm not really exercising like I promised I would.

And then I got a phone call.

A dreaded phone call.

I started to sweat, and adrenaline ran through my entire body.  Seriously.

"Danielle, I'm calling to let you know your wedding dress has come in"

What I said on the outside was, "Gulp"

What I said on the inside was,  "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh crap!"

And so now, its on.

Due to the fact that it needs alterations, I have to be THE SIZE in ONE MONTH'S time.


So, Tonight I plan on doing this:

And I may decide to purchase this:

Or any of these:

Because, let's face it- Jillian Michaels is Terrifying. 
I'll do anything she says, because I think she's scary enough to reach through the TV and physically hurt me - and not just through the workout.  I think she's a witch.......

I am taking Acai vitamins.  I did this about six months ago, and I seriously lost 7 pounds in a week.  I kinda think most of it was water, but still!  They definitely give you energy.

And, I realized something today.  It's a crying shame too.
This, this lil' beauty is my addiction:

But from the fountain.
I have a 32 oz one every day  (i know, i know)
and today I found out that it has 400 calories! Ouch! 
{That's probably why I'm not losing weight.....}

So, today I tried this:

I am beyond not satisfied.  

But, it has 0 calories.

I thought about Powerade, but it has 125, sadly.  I love Powerade.

I guess i'll have to switch to vitamin water.  That'll have to do.

vitamin water has no calories, right?

Or propel..... 


Being skinny better be worth it!

Well, ok, I guess it will be.

My dress kinda looks like this.  Only with fewer gathers and no black. Oh, and it's ivory, not white.

And yes, the back has buttons!  I am thoroughly excited!  My mama says it makes my bottom look sassy. lol.
{Don't worry, Nick saw already on the account that I can't keep secrets and am not superstitious anyway}

We're adding a halter top, though.  It'll be sweet.


That's the low-down of the day.  Along with photos tomorrow, I am planning on telling you how much Jillian killed me.  Because she will. 

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