Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Not-So-Real-Life

I love my life.  I am very blessed! It's full of great People, Experiences and Things, with many things to come!

But, with the hustle and bustle of everyday adult life, I can't help but daydream......

because anything can happen in a daydream!  {whether it's logical or realistic or not} 

and sometimes I just have to go to my happy place.

In my dream world, I live on a farm. Yes, a farm. Full of Dairy Cows, Horses and sweet little lambs

Aren't they cute?

And a Mess-a dogs that follow me everywhere, like in Secondhand Lions

And even a cute lil pig

At my farm, the cows get milked, the grass gets mowed and the poop gets scooped all by itself!
 Money grows on trees, 

and when it rains, I can put on my cute galoshes and jump in puddles - - because the puddles NEVER disappoint, my world!

 when I wake up and look out the window in the morning, this is what greets me

and this

and this

and this

As I begin to start my day, I wander around my wonderful farmhouse

That is decorated in classic farmhouse style, of course

Isn't the white so cheerful and calming all at the same time?

After that, I'll call a few of my best girlfriends, and we'll have tea and cupcakes out on the porch- true tea party style, with no limitations

After that, we'd stroll around the flower garden- full of Lilacs, Hollyhocks, Hydrangeas and Peonies- but they would be the most full, vibrant, fragrant flowers you ever did

After the girls leave, I'll take a nap in my hammock, and let the wind in the grass lull me into a lovely nap

Following the nap, we'll go pick giant juicy vegetables from our garden for dinner- except, there are far too many for our family to possibly use, so we invite 20 of our closest friends over for a garden party dinner

I will have, of course, prepared the entire meal in my gorgeous gourmet kitchen, all while wearing my ridiculously frilly apron

{In reality, I actually DO have this apron!}

I could also  wear ridiculously beautiful dresses, for no reason, and no one would think it was weird

after the glorious party, we ride off into the sunset

only to get up the next morning and do it all again!

Don't I have a wonderful life?

Too bad it's all in my head!  ;)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Got My Mind on a Puppy and a Puppy on My Mind

haha, the title of this post is stupid. and I love it.


We've been thinking about getting another dog.

Yes, I'm serious.
{but definitely not yet! we have a wedding to plan!}
For one, there are just so many awesome dogs out there, and we need to take advantage of all that puppy love, 

and for two, this monster needs a lil' playmate

In case you are unaware, this is Yoshi, the 30 pound fluffy-love-machine.  He is an almost 3 year old Shiba Inu, who thinks he rules our roost. Small dog, 
BIG Napoleon Complex.

He is such a sweet and loving boy- he comes everywhere with me, and enjoys every second of it.  If you give him food, he will be your friend for life, and if you're a guy- he'll probably howl at you for the first 20 minutes of your relationship with him.  {He thinks he's big and scary, you see}

Anyway, since Yoshi is such a wannabe Alpha Dog, we need to get one with a more mellow temperament- usually this means a larger dog, or a basset hound- but I'm not sure I'm ready for anything THAT lazy!

Here are a couple of the breeds we're considering.  If you've had any experience with these, or other wonderful breeds, please send me some feedback!

The breed we've been considering for the longest is the Great Pyrenees:

Couldn't you just eat that puppy up? Oh my word, how stinkin cute.  
They're HUGE though.  with lots of long hair.  I'm ok with both, but what I worry about is the fact that they are prone to hip problems due to their size and breeding.  There are breeders out there who certify their puppies are healthy, but still.   Apparently, at 8 weeks, when you can bring these lil guys home, they are....about as big as Yoshi. haha!

Moving on, 

We're also contemplating  a Bernese Mountain Dog:

And I do definitely love this one too!  They are slightly smaller than a Pyrenees, but still large.  I hear their temperament is very mellow, gentle and snuggly, which is a plus.  I don't think I've ever heard or read a bad thing about this breed....definitely tempting.

and the new one on the list: a Labradoodle

This thing kills me, it's so cute!  He looks SO friendly!  I love poodles, and Labs, and this would be a good mix.  I've heard good things about these dudes.

And so, we go back to window shopping.......

What are your favorite breeds?  What do you look for in a dog?

Friday, June 3, 2011

A Love - Hate Relationhip

I admit it,

I'm a sucker for mystery, history, intrigue . -- Always have been.

Growing up, my dad read Nancy Drew Novels to me every night without fail.

I also have an affinity for Thriller movies, James Patterson and Mary Higgins Clark Novels- although most of the time they scare my out of my bloody wits!

But, when I heard stories of the Intermountain Indian School, I knew I had to see it for myself.

Some background: The Intermountain Indian school was actually first, A hospital and recovery facility for wounded WWII soldiers- up until the end of the war.  It is a set of large, 2 story buildings, most of which are intercoonnected by their hallways.  During the war, there were a set of underground tunnels that interconnected all of the case of a need for evacuation. 

{this is what it looked like then}

After the hospital closed, the federal government gave the place a total remodel (something like $3million) and  funded a boarding school for Navajo kids elementary through high school.

Everything I've read about that time says that the students were happy and that it was a good school, so no creepiness lurks about from that time...I think.

Anyway, fast forward to today.  The place has been empty since 198- something, and is now completely boarded up.  Over the years, teenagers and gang members have entered the place on a dare.  The school is full of graffiti and vandalism, and is in really run down shape. There are rumors of ghostly activity and satan worship throughout the building.  For me though, it's just interesting to explore what was. 

The first time we went up, we drove around the large property and were able to find ONE window that wasn't boarded up. (at least on the ground floor) we climbed through armed with all our camera gear, excited to explore.  

First of all, we had to be pretty careful about this.  on wandering the street beforehand, we ran into some kids.  we asked them if they'd been in the building, and they told us there was an old woman near by who always called police if she saw any activity.  

Anyway, we should have thought to bring a flashlight, since all the windows are boarded up, it is pitch black inside.  Luckily, some of the second story windows are open, and the center building had a fire on the top level, leaving it without a roof- so we got some light.

I have to tell you, that first trip was the scariest thing ever.  I've always been kind of scared of the dark, but this was something else. 

As soon as I climbed in the window, "Old" filled my nose. Dark, dusty, musty. lonely.  Wandering the halls of the school in the dark was such a different experience.  Walls were stripped of thier sheetrock, gaping holes left in others where the wiring had been pulled out, and the crunch of glass beneath my feet.

I had to wonder why this was?  Sure, the building was abandoned, but why was it torn apart?
It seems that not all of it was from vandals-- but that's a definite possibility .  The only furnishings left were toilets sinks and a stove.  Most of the walls were boring off white, with the occasional mint green or yellow or puce walls.  The silence was deafening.  Although close to the road and to housing, the school felt like a black hole.  

As we made our way to the top floor, boards creaked, floors sagged, and the smell of burning became more apparent.  We made it to the floor with no roof, and were surprised to find grass growing from the rubble on the floor!  We were two stories up! 

Let me interject here that I do not reccommend doing this.  In fact, it's pretty stupid.  who knows what the structural integrity of this place is?  And surely, that top floor was exposed both to fire and the weather for I don't know how many years......yeah.....we aren't very smart sometimes.

Anyway, on the way out, we walked past a room- just a regular room as far as i can tell.  It had no door, but was black inside. As I walked by it, I got the worst sick feeling.  I knew that I should NOT go in that room.  In fact, we hurried right past it.

Now, I could have just been spooked by the entire experience, or it could have been something legit.  I don't think I'll ever know, but what I do know is; I'm not going to meddle.  {well, anymore than i already have}

I took a lot of photos that day.  Some with film, some with digital.  Unfortunately, I have lost all my digital photos but two  {long story}  I have yet to develop the film, when i do, I'll post those photos.  As for the two I have left, here they are:

I wish I still had some of the creepier photos.  Dang it.

Anyway, while looking for things to do over Memorial Day weekend, we decided to revisit.  I was incredibly hesitant because it was so scary last time.  But, once again, I couldn't resist a good intrigue.  So we packed ourselves some lunches and set out for good ol' Peach City.

This time, our window was boarded up, but we were able to find another on a different piece of the property.  Conveniently, there was a sink propped up outside the open window, which we were able to use as a step- although me and my short self had to get a GIANT boost from Nick anyway....

we entered what used to be a bathroom, with lots of sunlight pouring into the open window

And proceeded to wander

We didn't stay too long.  Maybe 15 minutes.  This part of the building wasn't as dark as the last one, but for some reason, I was more scared.  Maybe I've become less of a hoodlum, or maybe there was something to be afraid of.

My imagination takes me to some pretty crazy places- having read all those books and watched all those movies.  Seeing chalkboards and shelving makes me picture what life was like in this building when it was used- like a flashback from the movies.  It's all too eerie.  Stupid kids have spray painted the walls with things such as "turn back now, you're gonna die!"  It's silly.  

There have been dozens of claims that the place is haunted, that doors open, footsteps are heard and that glass breaks.  while walking through, I half expected these things to happen, although they never did.  

Part of me thinks that it's just an old building fallen victim to vandals and rumors, but another part of me wonders if it is haunted.  I do believe that supernatural things happen- especially when you bring them about.  Remember what I said about not meddling?  Either way, it's a creepy place with a creepy history, and a pretty stupid thing to do.

Like I said, my imagination is wild, and to me, this place feels like it's lonely, like it has a story to tell, and that it's angry about it. 

To describe this place in one word, I'd definitely choose "angry".

And now for something happy!