Friday, April 22, 2011

Nah-Nah! It's Photo Time!

Like I promised yesterday, today we have ZION'S PHOTOS!!!!

I am very excited about this!

These are {quite} a few of our favorites.

The first bunch were all taken by Nick!  :)

 Its cute how much he likes taking pictures of me  :)\

Karl Throwing rocks in the little river thingy.  He quite enjoyed it!

Completely random, and all kinds of fun

This picture kills me.  Everytime I see it.  I guess you just have to know Joel.

NAH-NAH!  Nick is a great photographer, way better than me!  He didn't have time to edit all the good ones, so there will be more, eventually!

The following photos are from my camera:

I thought this was the top of Angel's Landing when I stood here.....HA. No.  Mostly kind of a little bit close though!

 This! This was the view from the top! And what a glorious view it was!

Nick likes to stand on big rocks and look at stuff.

This is near Checkerboard Mesa, where the boys found some snow melting.  They decided to build a dam, and then break it to watch the water gush down the side of the mountain.  ....boys.....  :)

These chipmunks followed us everywhere!  They knew Nick was a softee for giving handouts.

Breaking the Dam.

That's the road down there!  1,000 foot cliffs are amazing!

This is my favorite shot of the whole trip.
{Joel doesn't like his picture taken}


This final sequence is Joel's reaction to Nick and Karl throwing snowballs at him.
I kinda like it.

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