Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Some of This, Some of That

Well, Today is first of all, the Wednesday Weigh in, so I'll start by saying that when I weighed myself this morning, I was still.....136.8 pounds.  How ridiculous!  Nick thinks that I have lost fat and gained some muscle.  Not sure how I feel about that.

I do feel like my arms, chest, calves and stomach are tighter

but I'm still skeptical.  it may be that I want them to feel tighter. 

And once again, I forgot to measure myself this morning, so I'll check that tonight.

It's pretty frustrating....I have been trying so hard.  I guess I need to try harder.

The good news is though, that I bought myself an extra month to lose inches until I get my dress fitted, so I'm a weeeeee bit less stressed.

And that's all for that.  To be honest, I'm not in the mood to write about my fitness woes today.

In other news

This weekend, I went shopping, and now I am happy  :)

I bought clothes  (to be seen on Friday's post)

and some pots and dirt and plants! yay!  I am growing my little garden, and am very thrilled! 

I went to Home Depot with the intention of getting more herbs.

and I did

But then, I decided that I wanted a few veggies too!

I decided to start with peppers, since I hate buying them in the store- they are just about the most expensive veggie.

I got a nice big pot and some Green, Red and Yellow bell pepper plants!  

They seem to be doing well!  yay! 

Also, Jon gave us a tomato plant!  I am very excited to have my very own tomatoes to eat!  They taste SO much better from the garden, ya know?

We gave him a nice home in a big pot.  I'm hoping he'll be happy here and have an abundant season!  {let's hope I don't kill him}{and he looks better in person, this photo makes him look peekid}

As I said, I also bought herbs!  Another Rosemary Plant {because I loooove Rosemary}

An Oregano Plant

And two kinds of Thyme.  I got Lemon Thyme and German Thyme.  I can't remember which is which though haha.

And then, I bought some mint.  I'm pretty excited about it, actually!  

Soon, they will all live outside, but since its been cold, they have stayed inside, infront of the sliding glass door.  They are quite in the way, I'm excited to get them out!

Aaaaaannnndddd......I think I need more veggie plants!

Do you recommend any?


today is a special day, 

and I am very excited to announce, 


I got to wear Flip Flops!!!!

{yay for warm!}

Aren't they cute?

My feet are chubby.  they've always been like that.  Oh well.  :)

And that's all for today.  I'll be back with measurements and photos tomorrow.
as for now, I get to go home, work out, clean the kitchen and reorganize the pantry.

Don't pretend you're not jealous!

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