Friday, May 6, 2011

How To Live : How Do You Do It?

Ok, so we've been talking about my fitness woes for about a week now.  Yeah yeah, we all know we're supposed to exercise and eat right.....but what does that mean?!

 So, I figured I'd tell you what I"m doing and eating, and how its making me feel, and you can give me ideas too!  

{Because we all know that I tend to not think things through all the way, and generally need to be brought back to Earth}

So Here's the deal.

In the morning, Depending how much time I have, I either eat  Scrambled eggs on Whole wheat toast
Which is ideal, because it gives me a protein and a carb, so my body knows it needs to be alive, or, if I"m low on time, I grab a lowfat yogurt and a  lowfat string cheese

So far, the blackberry yogurt and the strawberry banana are my favorites.  I try to stay away from the desserty ones, like cheesecake and apple turnover, because I know that would get me in trouble.....

And then I always have a piece of fruit.  If I have my way, its a banana

This will usually last me a Good Long While.  Like, a really long while.  If I get hungry before lunch time, I either have another string cheese and/or some more fruit, but this time, its something like an apple or grapes.

All the while, I try my best to drink water.  As close to 8 glasses as I can get.  Sometimes, it gets boring though, so I change things up with either Crystal Light or Sobe Life Water

If you haven't tried the Peach Tea flavor, you are SERIOUSLY missing out.  It doesn't really taste that much like tea, it just tastes like.....yum.

This stuff is actually really good.  And it's only $1 per bottle.  My faves so far have been the Fuji Apple Pear and the Acai Fruit Punch.  Totally worth it.

Then, around 3pm, its time for lunch.  During the week while I'm at work, I either have a salad or one of these:

They are surprisingly good.  They are definitely small, but they fill me up fairly nicely {even though I don't think they will EVERY SINGLE TIME}

They come in all kinds of flavors.  Some are bigger than others.  None are more than 380 calories.  
I was surprised that I liked them because I am usually very against frozen dinners.  These are quality.

So far, my favorite is the Sesame Glazed Chicken.  The only one I can't recommend is the Chicken Verde.  No Bueno.

Then, I may or may not get a tiny hunger pang before I leave work.  {More often than not, but hey, eating small portions often helps your metabolism, right? }

so then I'll have something like carrot sticks and dip.  

Something awesome I just found out- the "Veggie Ranch Dip" generally has fewer calories than the regular ranch dip or dressing, just so ya know.

And also, make sure if and when you eat these, you only have 1 serving.  No weight will be lost if you keep eating- even carrots can keep you from losing weight if you eat enough of them.

This isn't the only thing I do during the day- on hungrier days, i eat more.  On days that Nick works, i'll be ok with having a bigger lunch, since i won't be cooking dinner, etc.

Then dinner.  I try to have real food for dinner.  I do try, however to cook things on the healthier side.  That way I don't feel so guilty if I want seconds, or if we decide to go out one night.  

Here are some of the things I've been trying {or plan on trying}

Pampered Chef's Recipe for Cool and Crunchy Chicken Tacos.  something like 370 calories for two.

Thai-Style Coconut Chicken.  We had this last night, and its to die for!  It was super easy too!  About 400 calories per serving  {I think thats without the rice} But I totally ate the rice!  Just a small serving of it.

Thai Pineapple Chicken.  I haven't tried this one yet, but it looks tasty!

Grilled Chicken is a staple.  Either on salad, or under various salsas, or grilled with honey and rosemary, or just plain grilled! 

This is grilled chicken with strawberry feta and avacado salsa.  doesn't it look amazing??
 or you could do mango salsa!

I'm sure i'll find more and more!  Its exciting to be able to eat really tasty foods while still being healthy, and of course, one of the biggest things is watching portion sizes.  At our house we also favor meatloaf, spaghetti, goulash, burgers, alfredo {oh how unhealthy that one is!} and quesadillas.  I try to come up with as many new things as I can, so we don't keep having the same thing over and over again.

I also have been trying to buy as many fresh fruits and veggies as I can.  A lot of these recipes call for a lot of fresh produce, so it's easy to get enough of them in a day.

I really can't wait till I can grow my own garden so I won't have to buy this stuff as much!

As for exercise, I'm still doing this one:

its awesome.  I have already noticed a good change in my stomach, arms and tushy.  It's totally worth it!

I just bought this one too

Tonight will be the first night I try it!  Its supposed to be brutal.....I'm a little excited.  :)

We also joined a gym last night!  This means I'll finally be running again, which I am also excited for.  My first choice would have been 24 hour Fitness, but there isn't one close to us.  I won't go to the gym if its not close, so we joined a little one in Farmington.  I like that its not a meat market and normal people go there.  The people are nice, and its small.  Plus, they have tanning  :)

Anyway, I'm going to keep up this healthy lifestyle, even though I haven't been perfect  {I HAD to have a sugar cookie last night....I might have DIED if I didn't get one}, I can't believe how much better I feel even after a week!  Yay!

Oh, and don't forget the yoga.  I am doing that too.  :)

So tell me, what is it that YOU do that works?
I'm dying to know!  :)

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