Friday, May 20, 2011

Maybe Me Too?

So, first of all, I want you all to know, that I weighed and measured myself on Wednesday.  I have lost ONE pound {lol} BUT! the coolest part is, I have lost 2.25 inches in my waist! {not what I was going for, but I'll take it} and 1 inch in my hips!  {yay!}  I think that darn kettlebell kicks some serious booty.  Oh, and running is getting easier! YAHOO!!!

Moving on, 

My last post was kinda heavy, sorry about that.

Get ready for another one.

But this time I'm not sad.

More like, ridiculously terrified. haha.  {like its funny...}

We went to a Mortgage 101 class last night, put on by our bank.  we thought it would be a great opportunity to learn what we need to do in the process of buying a house, since we're totally clueless at this point.

What I learned was:

Buying a house takes a ton of money. {duh}
I need to have a low Debt-to-income-ratio.....OH CRAP.   {I think I stopped listening at this point, and had a total mental breakdown.}

Here's the deal:
In the scheme of things, we really don't have that much debt- as far as credit cards go....well, compared to some people.

But our cars......oh those stupid cars!!!!
I have not wanted an old beat up car once in my life until now.

My car payment is TOO HIGH.  in fact, its pretty ridiculous.

This is what I drive

Excuse my French, but you have to admit, this is a damn sexy car.

I love it in fact.  0-60 in 4 seconds.  Blue tooth, handsfree phone, BOSE stereo, IPOD dock, sunroof, heated seats, push button start, leather interior...... and did I mention, she's fast????   

and now, when I see her, all I can think is, 

 Right now, its a lease {that I'm about to buy out, and I pray that that will lower my payment} 
I plan on buying this bad memorial day weekend.  I think I'll go in alone with an extra coat of mascara to see if I can get me a really good deal! ;)
But really, the dudes at Infiniti are pretty awesome anyway.  Totally un-sleezy.


we need to make more money.
need to make more money.  {Cops don't really get big raises, ya know}


What is it that I want to do?


Well, I've been going to school for Mass Communications.....

And I"ve had my lil heart set on photography for OH SO LONG


Right now, photography is inspiring me THE LEAST.

Kinda depressing, really

This past semester, I took an independent study with my all time fave professor on photography.

And I think it made me worse.

Or maybe just realize the truth.

It ended up being entirely too philosophical, and I left feeling like a failure

and honestly, I think that was the point.

He wanted to instill a drive in us to be better, 

only I can find NO motivation for it. 


which makes me sad. Heartbroken, actually.

Granted, I could prolly make decent money doing it, but when it comes to art, it shouldn't be about the money.
no, it should be about the love for it.  the vision. the passion.

Passion is a big deal with me, in fact.
if I'm not passionate about something, I can't do it.  {well, I can't make it believable}

I need something that inspires me
something that makes me happy
something I don't have to try too hard to do.


I'm kinda thinkin' graphic design is my thing right now.
remember how I said last post that I wanted to do art prints?
Remember how I told you I love paper and typography?
I think this may be a sign.
I've been brainstorming Stationary in my head for months
among other cute and fun crafts.
Maybe I need an ETSY shop?
Would you shop at it?

I have been reading blogs.  Lots of em.
Four, of them religiously to be completely specific

I've mentioned Emily over at Jones Design Company before.
{she's amazing.  read her stuff.  Click here to find her, you know you want to}

That's what she does- besides being super woman. 

She is darling, and has been such an inspiration to my creative side.  I think she and I are a lot alike.
Just like me, she has the undeniable need to create.

and she had this difficulty too!
and now she's successful.
she supplements the income nicely and is able to stay home with her kids.
this is also a goal of mine......someday.

And then there is {another} Emily  {My new fave blog diva}
to view her amazing blog, click here
she writes about lots of awesome stuff
but SHE has a dream of a lil ETSY shop too!
I just read that the other day!
and she's scared to do it, 
just like me.
but I think she should go for it!
Maybe me too?

I love these women.  reading their blogs makes me feel like I know them.
Even though I don't.
I wish I did!

It's really nice to find people that feel the same things you do, ya know?

Anyway, I'm thinkin here:

If I work up some stuff
and post it on my lil blog here
would you guys be willing to vote?
Give me critiques?
Some support and encouragement to help me in my lil artistic journey?
And be real with me if I suck?  {I won't be offended!}

Not only is this kind of thing very exciting and fullfilling sounding to me
but its flexible.
I can do it at night
and on weekends
at home.

And eventually, home with my kids.

Because I already work and have school full time, 
I don't have time to get a second job,
and we all know that Nick can't be the one to get one.
He might die from all that stress.

Plus, like I said before, 
I want success. and I want it to be at something I love
Something that fulfills me
something where I can {hopefully} inspire others
and something where I can create.

Whatcha think?

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