Thursday, May 26, 2011

Being a Queen Isn't Always A Good Thing

Well, I don't have a lot to write about today, but I still wanted to post something.  I've been a serious slacker the past week.  Nothing too interesting has happened though.  Today will probably be another mishmash of random thoughts, which may or may not be entertaining.  I promise a more linear and organized post tomorrow though!

Anyway, I've been thinking about the last two posts.  They were a lil heavy.  And then, my head went in all different directions, but ended up at the same place in the end.  

It's Official.

I'm a brat.

Yep.  I've been acting selfish and annoyed, and negative.....and for what?  To be honest, my life is pretty stinkin amazing, and I just need to get over myself.

I have been complaining about money and wanting a house SOOOO bad  {and I still do}- and its all fine and dandy to want something and have a goal, but I forgot to mention how grateful I am for the place I'm already living.  Yeah, well played, D.

We have a great lil place!  Its not perfect, but then again, NO house is perfect.

But, Its nice and warm and cute and spacious, and I should quit being such a brat about how I want another one.

I need to be grateful for what I have.   Really need to work on that one.


Instead of feeling sorry for myself and focusing on all that crap, I should put my focus on others.
I definitely feel the best when I'm making other people happy.
And that in turn, makes me happy.

I really do have a blessed life.
And I just act like a brat.
How silly.
That, my friends, is the new project.
Less anger
Less complaining
Less annoyment  {TOTALLY a legit word  :)  }
and MORE love
and Calm.

That sounds about right.

So I'm going to Make and Do and Act in ways that help and inspire others. 
Maybe then I'll find my answers to all the petty crap.

The end.

In other news, 

There are some pretty epic things going on this weekend

I'm going to {hopefully} buy out my car lease

We are planning on booking our honeymoon  {The details of that will be revealed after its set in stone}

We're buying the stuff to make our wedding invitations

The wedding is OFFICIALLY 3 months from tomorrow!  {eeep!}

I am planning on revealing {finally} our {mostly} finished living room!

We're bbqing at Jons, which means I'll make something yummy and prolly post a recipe

And finally, I need ideas for wedding hair.  its just about that time to book the appointments.  I would like to choose 2 different styles {one for the bridal photos and one for the actual wedding}

I'm having trouble with this because I pretty much hate my hair right now.  I'm wishing it was about 4 inches longer.  {and there is NO way it will grow that much in 2 months}

So, I could get extensions.  {expensive}
I could get a whef. lol.  {a clip in extension} I hear good things about those
or just deal.
So, Here are a few photos of stuff I'm kinda likin'
with numbers
and Y'all should vote- there will be a poll at the VERY VERYEST end of the page.  Vote!

Note: There will be NO veil, but a pretty fluffy hair clip thingy {to be determined}

Choice 1

Choice 2

Choice 3

Choice 4
kinda seems jr. prom to me, but whatever

Choice 5

Choice 6

That's all I got.
I'm at a total loss!

And, I am open to suggestions as well!

OK, ready.........GO VOTE!  --please!


  1. I vote number 6 or number 1 for the wedding (one of the biggest reliefs of my wedding was that my hair was up and out of my way.)

    I vote number 3 for the bridals. That way you get a totally different look and it is super sexy!

    I hope all the wedding planning goes well! Let me know if you need anything!

  2. Yay! Thanks Candace! I am having such a rough time deciding! I do definitely want it out of the way! thanks for the tips! I will let you know for sure, and you should let me know if you need any baby support! so excited for you! :)