Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Not-So-Real-Life

I love my life.  I am very blessed! It's full of great People, Experiences and Things, with many things to come!

But, with the hustle and bustle of everyday adult life, I can't help but daydream......

because anything can happen in a daydream!  {whether it's logical or realistic or not} 

and sometimes I just have to go to my happy place.

In my dream world, I live on a farm. Yes, a farm. Full of Dairy Cows, Horses and sweet little lambs

Aren't they cute?

And a Mess-a dogs that follow me everywhere, like in Secondhand Lions

And even a cute lil pig

At my farm, the cows get milked, the grass gets mowed and the poop gets scooped all by itself!
 Money grows on trees, 

and when it rains, I can put on my cute galoshes and jump in puddles - - because the puddles NEVER disappoint, my world!

 when I wake up and look out the window in the morning, this is what greets me

and this

and this

and this

As I begin to start my day, I wander around my wonderful farmhouse

That is decorated in classic farmhouse style, of course

Isn't the white so cheerful and calming all at the same time?

After that, I'll call a few of my best girlfriends, and we'll have tea and cupcakes out on the porch- true tea party style, with no limitations

After that, we'd stroll around the flower garden- full of Lilacs, Hollyhocks, Hydrangeas and Peonies- but they would be the most full, vibrant, fragrant flowers you ever did

After the girls leave, I'll take a nap in my hammock, and let the wind in the grass lull me into a lovely nap

Following the nap, we'll go pick giant juicy vegetables from our garden for dinner- except, there are far too many for our family to possibly use, so we invite 20 of our closest friends over for a garden party dinner

I will have, of course, prepared the entire meal in my gorgeous gourmet kitchen, all while wearing my ridiculously frilly apron

{In reality, I actually DO have this apron!}

I could also  wear ridiculously beautiful dresses, for no reason, and no one would think it was weird

after the glorious party, we ride off into the sunset

only to get up the next morning and do it all again!

Don't I have a wonderful life?

Too bad it's all in my head!  ;)

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  1. I hope it comes true for you Dani! What a sweet life that would be! Don't forget to call me over for tea and cupcakes :)