Monday, June 6, 2011

Got My Mind on a Puppy and a Puppy on My Mind

haha, the title of this post is stupid. and I love it.


We've been thinking about getting another dog.

Yes, I'm serious.
{but definitely not yet! we have a wedding to plan!}
For one, there are just so many awesome dogs out there, and we need to take advantage of all that puppy love, 

and for two, this monster needs a lil' playmate

In case you are unaware, this is Yoshi, the 30 pound fluffy-love-machine.  He is an almost 3 year old Shiba Inu, who thinks he rules our roost. Small dog, 
BIG Napoleon Complex.

He is such a sweet and loving boy- he comes everywhere with me, and enjoys every second of it.  If you give him food, he will be your friend for life, and if you're a guy- he'll probably howl at you for the first 20 minutes of your relationship with him.  {He thinks he's big and scary, you see}

Anyway, since Yoshi is such a wannabe Alpha Dog, we need to get one with a more mellow temperament- usually this means a larger dog, or a basset hound- but I'm not sure I'm ready for anything THAT lazy!

Here are a couple of the breeds we're considering.  If you've had any experience with these, or other wonderful breeds, please send me some feedback!

The breed we've been considering for the longest is the Great Pyrenees:

Couldn't you just eat that puppy up? Oh my word, how stinkin cute.  
They're HUGE though.  with lots of long hair.  I'm ok with both, but what I worry about is the fact that they are prone to hip problems due to their size and breeding.  There are breeders out there who certify their puppies are healthy, but still.   Apparently, at 8 weeks, when you can bring these lil guys home, they are....about as big as Yoshi. haha!

Moving on, 

We're also contemplating  a Bernese Mountain Dog:

And I do definitely love this one too!  They are slightly smaller than a Pyrenees, but still large.  I hear their temperament is very mellow, gentle and snuggly, which is a plus.  I don't think I've ever heard or read a bad thing about this breed....definitely tempting.

and the new one on the list: a Labradoodle

This thing kills me, it's so cute!  He looks SO friendly!  I love poodles, and Labs, and this would be a good mix.  I've heard good things about these dudes.

And so, we go back to window shopping.......

What are your favorite breeds?  What do you look for in a dog?

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