Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Winds of Change. Ok, maybe more like a hurricane.

I've had it. I've got to fix something. I have been feeling yucky for too long, and now, I'm going to fix it! In the last year, I've gained probably 20 pounds, and I just don't feel healthy. I'm constantly uncomfortable, I an always tired, and I look fat. Time to exercise!

So, not only have I gained weight, but I seem to have gotten lazier. hmmm.... Once you get all happy and settled, all you want to do is, well, eat. and snuggle. And watch movies. and eat. At least after a day at work. Maybe not so much the weekends, but still. I know most people go through this, but I'm sick of feeling this way. It's been a long time coming too- I've been feeling like this for quite a few months, and I'm barely getting the motivation (go figure). It was one of my new year's resolutions to get into better shape (isn't it everyone's?) But now that I'm getting married, I want to look super hot. haha.

I have 3 major problems or hurdles to overcome, if you will.

1: I love food. now, when I say I love food- I mean it. It's a very social thing for me. Eating gives me pleasure, and since I have a fast metabolism, I am always hungry. This isn't that big of a deal, except when you can't afford to eat super healthy all the time (me! me! me!) Who would have thought that fruits and veggies would be so expensive? And that's just the snack part. I try to cook on the healthier side of things, but I can't help it- my favorite foods are Pasta, Potatoes, and bread. Dang. So, since I still can't afford to eat like a champ the whole time, my vow is to exercise enough that my diet shouldn't really matter.....In my head that sounds completely practical....HA! well, we'll just see about that.

2. I have scoliosis. I've been dealing with it since I was about 9. It sucks. Having a spine that's crooked is a lot worse than it sounds. It affects my energy, my tension throughout my whole body, my digestion, my moods. EVERYTHING. boo. Now, since I have this condition, you'd think that I would have kept up on my fitness. Big. FAT. No. Which, admittedly, is really stupid. My problem is, that since my body is out of alignment, sometimes exercising just doesn't go well. More often than not, I'll be in the middle of squats or lunges or something and they'll just stop working- literally, it stops burning, it stops working and just feels stupid. so I quit. Exercising the wrong way is bad too. It takes a lot of focus an muscle strength to hold myself in the "right" position. My ribs rub on each other sometimes (owie!) and I gain weight unevenly. JOY. No, really, I can do it, but when it's this frustrating, it's well....frustrating to be consistent with exercise.

3. Motivation. as most of us all know, it's easier to sleep in than to get up 2 hours early to exercise- or even worse, do it at night.

BUT! I have decided that there is no more whining, there is no more lazy. I really want to be disciplined, fit, and healthy. We won't talk about my weight at the moment, but honestly, I don't care what I weigh, as long as I like the way I look. Now, I'm quite the perfectionist, but still. I don't want to jiggle, and most of all, I want to wear my cute clothes again. (you know, the most expensive, most cute, clothes that I can't fit into :( ) I literally have 2 pairs of jeans that fit, and I own like.....15 pairs. Its seriously depressing.

People always tell me how tiny I am, how good I look blah blah blah. Well thanks, and all but you guys only see me with clothes on. There is a difference. Plus, when you're used to being a certain size and that changes, it SUCKS. No matter how small or big you started out, when your clothes don't fit, it gets depressing.

So here's the plan: I am going to do some form of exercise EVERY DAY. I want it to become such a part of my routine that if i stop, My body will tell me I need it. Like food, or sleep, I want to NEED to exercise. And it will definitely take some work to get to that point, but summer is coming, as is my wedding, and I want to look cute, damn it!

I also just signed up for my first half marathon....eeeeek! I better get ready for that!

So far, the weekly workout schedule looks like this:

Sunday: Yoga, back exercises, leg exercises, run
Monday: Yoga, Pilates
Tuesday: Yoga, Aerobics
Wednesday: Yoga, arm exercises, ab exercises, Run
Thursday: Yoga, Pilates
Friday: Yoga, back exercises, leg exercises, Run
Saturday: Rest

Now that that is written down, it looks really scary. I'm going to commit to doing it for at least a week to try it out, and adjust from there, I'll post again in a week as to how many inches/pounds lost (or gained)

Pretty soon, I'll be looking like this:
And this:

Jennifer Aniston's arms are so killer!

I just want to be fit. Most of all, I want to FEEL healthy. And I am going to make it happen! And, just in case the zombie apocalypse happens, I will be fit enough to survive! It's going to take a lot of hard work, sweat, and pains, which sucks, but the reason I blogged about it is, I want as many people to hold me accountable as possible! So, kick me in the butt! :)

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  1. Hey Dani, it's Kalie. It's fun to see your blog and what you've been up to! I'm going through the same kinda thing with exercise, so annoying ah! Anyway, I thought I'd share a tip, with the expensive fruits and veggies. I do this thing called Bountiful Baskets. You go to on Monday at noon (you have to be quick, they sell out in minutes!) and anyway, you pay $15 for $50 worth of produce that is available for pickup on Saturday. You never know what you're going to get, but it's always in season and fresh and delicious, it's 5 fruits and 5 veggies usually. And sometimes they have addons like 9 grain bread, or 10 lbs of mangoes haha, stuff like that. Anyway, you should check out the website. And good luck with everything!