Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Goals are good, right?  Well, I have some.  I guess they all wrap up into one ugly little word: DISCIPLINE.  {shudder}  Did I just say that?  No, really, discipline is something I crave.  Like I mentioned in my last post, I am a big procrastinator, kinda lazy, and I don't like it.  Enter, Discipline.

I definitely have goals, some of which are very unrealistic.

I am one of the -typical- and -unfortunate- women who feels like I need to do it all:  Have a beautiful home, cook gourmet meals, know how to do EVERYTHING, be organized, efficient, grow my own veggies, always look pretty, get straight A's, fit in exercise to keep a hot bod, not be a whiner, save money, do laundry, always be in a good mood, have a successful career....and the list goes on.  

Well, I'm pretty sure that I'm not alone in this.
I read a great post by one of my favorite bloggers the other day about this very thing.  (I'll share the link at the end of the post)  She felt the same way, and realized it wasn't realistic.  At some point, you have to realize you cannot do it all.  (She has a great art print, quoting this very thing)

And while I do agree, I also feel like....Who Says I Can't Have It All?  {well, at least within reason}
So there you go, here is me, on my way to becoming a domestic well as everything else.
I figure, since we don't have kids yet, now is the time to figure out how to be disciplined, so that in a few years, when we do have them, life MAYBE will have some kind of order....haha.

But that's not the only reason.  I have decided that I only live once, and so I better cram all this stuff into NOW.  I want a full and rich life full of knowledge, experience and love.  I don't want to just sit online all the time and read about everyone else who's doing it, I want to join the cool kids club too!

So here goes.  One of my big goals is to have a cool blog.  Like, a real, legit blog, where I post EVERYDAY {hence, the discipline} and have lots of readers and friends to share my life with.  Yes? Yes.  I like the sound of that.

What I have decided, since my life is no page turner ALL of the time  ;) , is that every day will have its own theme, and therefore a different cool post, so my ramblings gain readers instead of bore them.   This is also a way that I can wear lots of different hats in life, and HAVE IT ALL.  

I've come up with 6 different topics {since we all need at least one day of peace}  
Monday:  Weekend Update.  This will include the story of our weekend, along with pictures.  The weekend is where the most gets accomplished, and the most fun is had at our house, so this should be a good one!

Tuesday:  The Stuff I Make: Tutorial Tuesday.  I can't help it. I'm crafty. so shoot me.  I LOVE to make stuff-especially stuff for my house, so on tuesdays i'll share what i've come up with, along with a tutorial, just in case you want to be crafty too!

Wednesday: Weigh in Wednesday:  Like I said in my last post, I will keep track of my fitness right here for y'all to see.  Should be interesting......

Thursday: Photo Adventure Thursday.  I am an aspiring photographer, and will launch a totally different photography blog at a later date.  Until now, you'll see what we {Nick and I} have shot during the week, and comments are ALWAYS needed!

Friday: How To Live: We're young, and mostly stupid when it comes to things like money management and such things that require lots of thought, so, being one of "those" girls, like I mentioned above, I want to make sure I'm on track.  I want to share with others how we do things like save money, cook food, plan vacations etc., and I definitely want to hear what other people do as well- I'm always open to new ways of thinking.

Saturday: Things That Inspire Me:  This will be things I've seen others do/post/say that inspire me.  Whether it's an activity, a tutorial, a book, a room design, they'll have their soapbox here on Saturdays.

Sunday: On My Mind:  Things I've been thinking about during the week.  Comments definitely wanted here!

Discipline is definitely something I struggle with. 
Here is the first step to becoming some sort of organized and punctual. 
I'm sure I'll fall short sometimes, and that's ok
but I do want to have it all, {or at least mostly}
and I'm gonna give it an honest shot!

To read the great time management post I mentioned above click here

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