Thursday, March 31, 2011

Photo Adventure Thursday

Welcome to Photo Adventure Thursday!  In the last week, I haven't taken many photos, but I did take a few. I'll share them with you now!

Last Saturday, I went gallivanting downtown with my good friend, Erin.  We were supposed to be on a photo adventure, but we got somewhat distracted by shopping.

On Pierpont Avenue, I saw this wall, with this lovely little vine on it:

 And Further down Pierpont, we went into a second hand store called "Elemente"  It's a consignment shop that has a lot of mid-century-modern furniture, which Erin happens to love, so we went in.  It's a dark little shop, with not a whole lot of room to squeeze between furniture.  In the back corner, I ran into a creepy clown among some awesome looking pillows: 

 Creepy, huh?
And this dandy of a shot.  There was a vase of fake flowers positioned in front of an old Matisse print, and I loved the color contrast:

 Outside, I found a patriotic doorway, that really looked like it belonged in Stepford:

 Basically, the way things happen is, once you get sucked into consignment shopping, you don't stop....well until you run out of time.  On the way to the next store, these characters were behind us at a light, dancing.  I particularly liked the white sunglasses.  They looked WAY more yetti-ish in person:

 And finally, the bamboo in our kitchen window that makes me particularly happy

It's not much, but I wanted to post something for Photo Adventure Thursday.  In the coming weeks, I plan on having many more, and am going to need opinions.  {Although, Opinions are always welcome}  I have to put together a final portfolio for a class, involving extreme philosophies On Photography.  It should be interesting.

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